Esrum Abbey

An illustrated, outdoor storytelling for a monastery founded around 1150 in the North of Denmark.

Esrum Abbey contains an exhibition space within the abbey, but also a cloister garden, meadow and medieval natural playground.

In collaboration with Yoke, the Monastery created a bunch of installations that let visitors explore the local area and shows how magnificent the abbey used to be.

Note: this work is done during my internship at Yoke in Copenhagen.


Graphic Design

One of the returning installations that are located all over the abbey garden are microscopes with elements that were found in the monastery during the Middle Ages.

By looking through the lens, the illustrations give you an idea of how monks used to live during that time.

A bit further in the Abbey's garden, are the traces of the original watermills located. They were very important during the Middle Ages as it was mainly used for establishing a system where water could run towards the abbey.

Because of its importance, we created a waterwheel installation that has an optical illusion with a moiré effect. By walking along the path of the installation, you can see the wheel spinning.

The last installation is placed at three selected spots in the landscape of the abbey. Here you find visualisation signs with drawings on glass sheets where you get an interpretation of how the old abbey used to look like.

The illustrations have a rough, hand drawn style to support the unique story of the Esrum Abbey.