Elisa Barbadoro

Portfolio website for Elisa Barbadoro, a stylist and allround creative who sees daily life different through her eyes. She creates beautiful results with a strong focus on form, colours and textiles.

Each project on the homepage consists out of a title and two images: a small thumbnail image and a big image focussing on a detail from the project. By interacting the detail image, the user is able to transform the picture and create his own artwork. The result shows a beautiful coloured pattern and feels like a piece of textile.

Art Direction
Elisa Barbadoro
Arne Van Kauter

Elisa horizontal 01
Elisa horizontal 02

Going into a project you can see more of Elisa Barbadoro’s work. Some projects that are bigger, consist out of smaller projects. Each small project has his own title or quote.

Elisa horizontal 03 2

Check out the full website here.